Signature Treatments

Fire and Ice Facial
1hr 45 mins
Also known as Red Carpet facial, heat and cold exposure will shock and stimulate the Cells to give you instantly, Brighter Complexion, Reduced Fine Lines, Reduced Inflammation due to hormonal blemishes or ongoing Acne, will also reduce any Puffiness and stimulate circulation to bring all that your skin needs to the surface. · No Downtime · No Product Preparation · Instant Results · Suitable for Anyone and any Skin Type inc. Sensitive Skin · No Anaesthesia Needed This Treatment will gently but Effectively Resurface and Rejuvenate your skin, while providing you with relaxing and memorable Experience. Please note - This Treatment Includes 15 min Consultation.
Medik8 Personalised Facial X Guinot Electrical
1hr 45 min
Say Yes to long lasting results with our Collab of two brands that will bring your skin back to life and leave long lasting results, Meidk8 Products will be applied manually working on lymphatic drainage throughout the Facial this will change your skin after just one treatment – Reducing puffiness, Giving Radiant Glow, supply your skin with the Right balance of water and oil to rebalance your complexion and promote Electrical current that Guinot Machine will provide. Electrical Current is chosen upon the consultation that you will have on the day 15 min before your facial. Please note - This Treatment includes 15 min Consultation. If you would like a more in depth consultation please book your self for an Advanced Consultation before your treatment.
Ultimate Cloud
1hr 30 min
Our Cloud Nine Signature Full body ritual is a Treatment that will take you onto Cloud Nine where our Experts will provide you with uplifting full body treatment and bespoke experience to adapt to your skin needs and concerns. We created this treatment to bring new experience for our Clients and leave each one of them craving for more.
Back Refresher
45 Min
This treatment offers an energising back scrub with a lymphatic drainage massage which helps with congestion, improving circulation and releasing muscle tension.